Welcome to Southfield Therapy

Feelings of Anxiety and Depression?
Helping you build upon your positive behaviors and coping skills is my number one priority. I want to help you reach your potential and succeed. By using proven solution therapy techniques, I have helped hundreds of clients decrease their anxiety and depression, while increasing their self-esteem. Your life should be happy, and should be lived in a way that is comfortable for you. It's yours! It doesn't take a lot of money, the best job ever, or hundreds of friends to be content and at ease with the direction you are heading. You can have what you need, and I can help you see how possible that really is.

Need to Let Go and Look Forward?
My interventions are designed to help you focus on what you can control in the present, which will allow you to build a more successful future. First, to help you let go of the dwelling and anger about the past so that the same negative behavior patterns won't continue to repeate themselves. Then, look forward so that you can steer your future the in the direction that you decide, with confidence and faith in yourself. Letting go and looking forward is something you are entitled to do.

Need to Strengthen the Family?
For decades I have been helping children and families increase communication patterns, strengthen family bonds, increase self-esteem, decrease adolescent 'acting out' or defiant behavior, and enhance coping skills. I can also provide support to blended families with the adjustment process, approaches to child management and even learning better ways to deal with relationship issues. I have successfully worked with many children, siblings and parents with these issues (and more), ultimately helping everyone at home manage the pressures and complications that the young ones all experience while growing up.

Have a Struggling Relationship?
It's hard to maintain the ability to love another in a healthy way when we have self-esteem issues or communication breakdowns, but by focusing on our own worth and expectations, we become more capeable of realizing which choices are really healthy ways forward, and which choices are actually causing struggle. A strong relationship takes effort, patience, consistent communication, and healthy expectations of others. Sometimes, we get off-track and need to step back and identify the real issues in order to make productive and positive changes.

Something Else?
While there are many other personal or professional issues you may be experiencing, these are just a few. You deserve to be able to increase the quality of your or your family's life, and make progress toward a brighter, happier, and more fulfilled future. To learn more about my background visit my about me page. Also, feel free to browse the services page to see if your specific concerns are listed, and you are always invited to contact me with any questions, or to discuss a subject or service that isn't mentioned.

Whatever your concern, start the discussion with Southfield Therapy and we can take one giant step toward change.