Work & Career Issues

The majority of us adults will spend over one third of our waking hours at work, that's over 2000 hours per year spent on an average work week. Consequently, a number of work and career issues can arise as a result; such as burnout, inability to get along with co-workers or bosses, not feeling appreciated, and feeling like you are in a dead end job, just to name a few.

My stategies are designed to help you take control and responsibility for what you can, and set-up interventions to make the best out of issues that you can't control. This often helps reduce work related stress, increase the level of one's self esteem and can also help create an even more postive mindset when dealing with work related issues.

At times, I have encouraged individuals to persue some sort of higher learning to help reach their goals. An individual will have more control of their career choices if advancing their education becomes a personal goal. It has been proven that a person with some type of additional schooling will have increased earning potential as well as work and career options. At Southfield Therapy, we can discuss all available options to make you feel more comfortable, valuable, and productive at your place of work. If you're a hard working adult, you are entitled to be satisfied with your place in the workforce.

Did you know that many people have difficulty with job interviews? It's true. Many people suffer from a host of negative feelings when the word 'interview' gets brought up. We can work together to strengthen your interview skills, and increase your confidence in order to take that next step. Why wait?

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