Grief Counseling

One of the most difficult life experiences that we all face is the loss of a love one whether it is a family member, friend, family pet, neighbor, or another. Some of the feelings we can experience can include: loneliness, anger, guilt, and responsibility (either for something we did or said, or something we didn't do or say). There is no doubt that everyone deals with the loss of a loved one in different ways.

Discussions regarding your grief are designed to be supportive and to help you adjust to the loss and feelings that you maybe experiencing. We will also help you understand that as time moves on you will adjust, move forward and survive in a new normal. One way is to replace old feelings with new ones that will you help cope with the loss, although this can be very difficult. We will also discuss the possibility of developing new supports and friendships and to get involved in activities that make you feel better. It will also help you pass the time, reduce bordom and learn to carry positive memories with you.

Your loss is real, and you are entitled to the grieving process. Let's work through it, and get you back to a place where you can function without feeling bad about it.

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