Family Counseling

Family Counseling is important, and helps increase communication patterns and heighten family bonds. My goal is to have the whole family present. This helps each family member feel as though their issues are heard.

Through the use of modeling, families learn that treating others with respect can increase the quality of communication which helps heighten family bonds. It also can reduce conflicts and increase the family's self esteem level. Another strategy is try to not discuss issues when another family member is not present. It reduces feelings of anger and establishes what the expectations and boundaries are.

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Couples Counseling

I have had many years of experience helping couples increase their relationship bond and function more as a team (as opposed to functioning independently). Communication and trust issues are two of the biggest reasons why relationships don't succeed. Other issues include not having common goals related to finances, child management, and general relationship expectations. Other factors include dealing with in-laws and other family members, compromise and outside forces that effect how you come home at the end of the day.

Using Solution Focused and Cognitive Behaviorlal technquies, I have helped couples build a stronger bond and become a more successful team. Would you like to start learning to build common goals that both of you can be fully invested in? Wouldn't it make your lives happier if you both agreed on the direction you are heading, and know that you are both focused on, and commited to it?

My interventions are designed to help couples recognize when they are dwelling and/or holding onto anger about certain issues, and instead focus on using positive coping skills that help resolve conflicts successfully. If you could apply a set of useful tactics whenever a misunderstanding or conflict arises, you will both be more likely to avoid the arguements, no matter what the particular issue may be.

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