Child & Adolescent

adolescent with skateboard
There are many challenges facing children as they attempt success in the world today. With new, advanced technology, social media, cultural pressures, and the ever-changing expectations of their peers, it's even harder to manage the existing adolescent complications, educational goals and responsibilities, hormonal fluxuations, and all the phases of a forming personality. It's best to choose an experienced therapist who can help parents and children work toward decreasing the anxiety and frustration that appears, and improve coping skills. To also recognize your child's strengths and unique talents will also help increase in their overall functioning level.

I also have experience in assisting blended families with many of the unexpected difficulties and feelings that accompany the task of blending two partial families into one, whole, functioning and successful team. Issues such as: parenting another's child(ren), sibling(s) gaining siblings, the loyalty issues that children and adolescents feel between step-parent and their absent biological parent and even adults dealing with their respective exes and in-laws.

It isn't impossible, and my goal is to help children and families heighten their relationships and function happily and productively together.

If you think that your child could benefit from some gentle guidance, or you would like some help with the major transition of blending families, please contact me at 248-496-1937.

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