Anger Management

Anger is an emotion that effects everyone differently and can get us into conflict with others. I want to help you learn to think before you speak, be calm when expressing your feelings, identify possible solutions, let go of grudges, and use humor to release stress. You can do this, and I can help.

My goal is to help clients develop effective ways to verbalize their feelings of anger in a fashion that will not cause additional stress. we will use interventions that are designed to help you understand the triggers that create anger, avoid situations that will bring out the worst in you, finding healthy ways to express yourself, and figure out what's behind it.

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Stress Management

Stress influences everyone on a daily basis, and does not discriminate. One of the biggest stressors facing adults is their financial standing. Many adults feel that they are measured by how much money they have, and their ability to compete with others. There is no doubt that a high percentage of adults measure there self-esteem by their bank accounts.

My interventions are designed to help the client understand that they can be a productive individual and have high self-esteem without being preocupied with their financial status. Money helps us with happiness, but it is not the only factor. For example, having a good support system made of friends and family. Spending quality time with children or the elderly, doing our jobs well, or communicating with others in a productive way also increases our self esteem. Furthermore, in today's society appreciating others and maybe even giving back to your community can also help you feel better about your life.

You have every right to feel good about what you have achieved and who you are, no matter your bank balance. We will begin by setting realistic and obtainable goals that will help decrease the overwhelming feelings you have. Taking one step at a time and and focusing on the present is a great place to begin. Let's change your everyday.

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